Maris Grudulis

Founder & Partner of the Bureau
Sworn Advocate


Prior to establishing Advocatory Bureau from 2000 till 2009 was occupied with pedagogical activities as a lecturer of Civil Rights Department of the Police Academy of Latvia, reading the study courses “Property Rights”, “General part of Civil Rights”, “Intellectual Property”.

Simultaneously to the basic occupation performed duties of a legal adviser in the Agency of Copyrights and Communication Consultations/ Latvian Copyrights Agency, in “Baltijas juridiskā kompānija” Ltd. Since 2008 performed duties of a member of the board of ACREC (Association pour collaboration en Recherche, Education et Culture). In the position of a member of the Lease Board of the Riga City Municipality represented interests of the Riga city landlords.

Performed pedagogical activities in the Police Academy of Latvia, University of Latvia, Latvia Academy of Culture and several other establishments of higher education and training centres in Latvia, as well as in the Havre University in France. Participated in working groups and consultative councils of several draft-laws’ development.

From 2015. The Honorary Consul of Monaco in Latvia.


2002.-2005. Studies at the University of Latvia, Doctoral Programme (without the presentation of the promotion work)
2000. Universite de Poitiers (France). Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property Rights.
1999. Police Academy of Latvia. Lawyer’s Diploma.
1989. Smiltene Vocational Secondary School No 29. Vocational secondary education.


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